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Let it all hang out! 

Yes with our busy lives it makes sense to take advantage of modern appliances, but think of the energy ♻️ we would save with just a couple small changes.

One I’ve started doing is drying my (majority of!) clothes, towels and sheets on an old fashion clothesline!!  Growing up in England i have memories of the backyard full of clotheslines, it’s all my grandmother would use! What better than fresh air and the beautiful sun ☀️ to dry the clothes 👚and towels that touch our skin everyday.

Yep you can still buy them…I got this wall version at Cost Plus World Market a couple years ago; its retractable and easy to install.

And the foldable version you can use inside during winter…yes summertime is best for drying!!!

Enjoy doing laundry a little more by saving energy and getting your clothes that fresh chemical-free scent!! 🔆

#bringbacktheclothesline #yestohangdry

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Natural products for clean living

I’ve been dabbling with homemade products for several years, starting with natural/vegan dog biscuits to laundry detergents and lip balm!  Although there are many “clean” products now on the market, there is nothing cleaner (& typically less expensive) then making them yourself.


With simple ingredients you can find at your local store and online you can buy clean, organic products to make a multitude of non-toxic products for your home and family.  Similar to the food you eat, if you can’t read/pronounce the ingredients, should you be cleaning your home and applying to your skin, your largest organ?!?

Not sure where to start?  If you want some simple swaps of store-bought toxic products, here are a couple of simple house product recipes you can whip up quickly:

  • Window/Glass Cleaner – 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1TBS cornstarch, 2 cups hot water, 15-20 drops lemon essential oil, & vodka (optional for extra punch!)  Combine and shake well before each use.  Don’t drink 🙂
  • Homemade Dish Soap – 1 cup liquid Castile soap (any scent or un-scented), 1 TBS vegetable glycerin, 10-15 drops citrus (lemon, grapefruit, citrus blend) EO, 1 capful Thieves household cleaner, and fill your container with distilled water to fill.  Shake before use to cut the grease!

Glass bottles are best, but if you have an empty (or almost empty to toss out toxins!) plastic spray bottle clean it well with hot water and some vinegar.  Use a pretty decorative dish soap container, or you can buy a mason jar with a pump lid for the dish soap.

Next post is to share some homemade recipes for: Body Soap, Lip Balm, SunScreen, Face Wash and Serum.

Be healthy, live clean and simple, and be good to yourself as well as others around you!