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Let it all hang out! 

Yes with our busy lives it makes sense to take advantage of modern appliances, but think of the energy ♻️ we would save with just a couple small changes.

One I’ve started doing is drying my (majority of!) clothes, towels and sheets on an old fashion clothesline!!  Growing up in England i have memories of the backyard full of clotheslines, it’s all my grandmother would use! What better than fresh air and the beautiful sun ☀️ to dry the clothes 👚and towels that touch our skin everyday.

Yep you can still buy them…I got this wall version at Cost Plus World Market a couple years ago; its retractable and easy to install.

And the foldable version you can use inside during winter…yes summertime is best for drying!!!

Enjoy doing laundry a little more by saving energy and getting your clothes that fresh chemical-free scent!! 🔆

#bringbacktheclothesline #yestohangdry