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Day 3 build a breeze!!

Anytime you have a half day build your muscles 💪🏼 thank you a little more! 😬 yesterday I worked with team PINK, led by Karen who joined us last year in Estelí. This petite woman is a workhorse! Strong team with their communication and flow down! They looked like experts out there!

Everyday we have the teams take a before and after pic in front of the house, so you can see how clean they started, but most importantly the progress they’ve made! 

Team PINK is building a home for Miguel, a 66 yr old father living with his 59 yr old wife and 4 of their 12, yes 12 children. He works in the calcium mines but suffers from kidney infections.  They do have electricity in their current home but no access to drinking water, and must travel to the nearby river to bring it to the home. This is a huge problem in this community, lack of access to drinking water.  

Off to our last full build day! Tenga un Buen Día 😊


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