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Day 2 VSP build done!!

Well we survived another day! I worked with team TAN yesterday and had a great day.  After you get the uncertainties of the first day out the way, everyone has found their grove, knows their strengths, and realizes quickly it’s a tight coordination of different tasks (like everyone’s favorite mixing mortar & concrete!) to keep the rows of blocks assembled.  

It looks so easy, mix the mortar & concrete, lay mortar for mason, help mason get cinderblocks on house, fill the blocks with concrete and mortar, and repeat!!! But if you slow down your raw materials the whole process breaks down! This is where communication, rotating of duties and the whole team watching the flow to ensure you have what you need is critical. It truly makes it a team effort with every person responsible for the teams success.  Best team building ever!!

Team TAN in full swing!

Team TAN is building a home for Pánfilo Sanchez, a 76 yr old man who lives with his 73 yr old wife Virginia.  He suffers from hearing loss and arthritis and his wife has heart problems.  Hugo their son supports the family making about US$70 a month.  They are blessed that this fine team of volunteers are here to build his family a safe and dry home!


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