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Day 1 VSP team build in the books!

We survived day 1 of our build! After a hearty breakfast we leave our beautiful resort in San Rafael del Sur and off to the community we are building in Masachspa.  It’s a small community 30 minutes inland, with little resources such as fresh water & electricity.  Our 4 homes are each a block or two away from each other.  I join team BLUE today, building a home for Gustavo & his family. Like many folks in the community he is suffering from kidney failure due to lack of access to clean drinking water, and is unable to work.  His wife passed away 5 yrs ago from the same condition.  He has a few family members living with him and they were on the job site, passing bricks and helping us fill in the bricks with mortar & concreto!! 

We are building a 2 bedroom cinderblock home for the family to live in…a roof that doesn’t leak, a solid floor that doesn’t flood with the rain, and walls and a door to keep the family safe at night. Pretty basic needs right?

Here’s how our day began…and 8 hours later our progress!!! Team BLUE rocked it!!!

And a few of our furry friends watching us work:

Our baby piglet, team blue mascot!
Our flock of smart little ducks…and they know how to untie shoelaces!
Un perro…sweet & protective of family home
And our healthy chickens

First day is always the hardest but all teams got into their grooves, worked as a team to get the task done and watched out for each other. Talking to folks at dinner tonight was awesome, seeing them light up when talking about the day & sharing funny stories, you would have no idea the hard work, sweat & tears they had put into the day.  Shows how strong and capable VSP’ers are and the huge hearts they have!

Day 2 we’re ready for you!! 

Buenas noches! 😴


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