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A beautiful dedication, celebration & day of joy! 

I’m not quite sure where to start with this blog…its been an incredibly emotional and joyful day.  Today we poured the concrete floor in our 3 homes, cleaned up and decorated the homes for our dedications.  

Our team of 24 dedicated and blessed each home, and presented the 3 families with a bible and blessed the home.  It’s at this moment you realize you are in this journey as much for yourself as you are for the families you are building for.  

There were many tears, hugs and retrospectives as to what we accomplished individually, spiritually and as a team this week.  To change a family’s life in 5 days with 8 people is pretty amazing; each of these families will have a dry and safe home to sleep in, raise their children or grandchildren, and most importantly to have that sense of pride of ownership.


Post dedication we all headed to INPRHU for a community celebration with the other teams that built a combined 7 homes, as well as the families we worked with and families from the 1st phase of the Esteli partnership.

The celebration was filled with music, dancing and pure joy and emotion as we spent time playing games with the local children.  The piñata was the hit of course and children and adults were both caught in the crossfire.  

 And my highlight was not only did I get to see the house I helped build last year and Guadalupe, but today I saw my buddy Jordan and his sister at the celebration.  We immediately recognized each other and gave each other a big hug!!

 The emotions of a day like today range from feeling exhausted when hand mixing a dozen batches of concrete to a sense of pride when seeing the family’s house blessed, and to then see the children’s joy of being able to dance, play and beat the crap out of paper mache to get candy can be overwhelming.  

Tomorrow we leave Esteli and head off to our final destination, including the Masaya volcano, the market and Lake Granada.  We will celebrate withthe other teams and our habitat family, and send our farewells to our new family.

It’s mixed emotions of joy and sadness as we leave our new family and friends and head back to our daily lives.  

Will recap our adventure and share more pics of this amazing group of individuals coming together as a team to make our mark and leave the most precious memories in our hearts and souls.



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