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Walls are up baby!!

Now we are completely into our groove, today (day 4) finishing up the walls and starting on the floor.  And when I mean floor I mean shoveling a huge pile of dirt into the house to be tamped and prepped for the concrete floor!  But not before mixing up many more mortar and concrete batches!

Today was a half day so we could enjoy an afternoon at the waterfall just outside of Esteli.  It’s a small hike down to this small but peaceful waterfall where (although it was raining) we have a brave few get some swimming in.  Followed this up by a snack at La Casita, this darling cafe with a beautiful meandering yard with succulents and greenery everywhere; would love to see that much green in California!  

We are on the home stretch and feeling our sense of accomplishment as we see our homes almost complete.   
Hasta mañana!


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