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Half way there!

Day 3 is a tough day, even for a veteran like me 😉 This is the day we try to put up as many rows of blocks as we can, which means a whole lot of mortar and concrete.

Put blocks in house, make mortar, lay mortar, lay block, put in mortar joints, make concrete, pick rocks, put concrete and rocks in blocks, and repeat, and repeat and repeat!  We had some extra help which got the process moving a little quicker, and we became a well oiled assembly line, getting 6 rows completed in 1 day!

After lunch was certainly my highlight of the day; we were able to see the 2 homes the Sacramento women’s team built last November.  Guadalupe, the woman’s home I helped build was home and I got to see her completed home, and get a big hug from her! 

We had a special night out of the hotel and went to dinner at Pullasos Ole, and enjoyed a very special evening bonding over some good grub and vino.  Our habitat family joined us which made our party louder and even more special.  Many folks have told me they’d sign up again in a heart beat to do this next year.  Pretty amazing as they are sitting there with bruises and sore muscles…some hard labor and knowing you are making a safe and dry home for a family makes all those aches go away! And the team bonding is undeniable.  You can’t not walk away from a team build without some change in perspective, gratitude and connection with others, and that’s what it’s all about!


We clean up well don’t we??

On to Day 4!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Half way there!

  1. I am silenced by your dedication and so proud to work for a company with so much compassion. May you all be blessed as you are blessing others! Prayers for Safe Travels. ..Angie


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