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We survived Day 2!

This is the day you wake up and realize you have muscles you forgot you had; they’ve been dormant and they are letting you know how they feel about being reawakened!!

The bus ride over may have been a tad quieter but still filled with excitement and determination.  We get back to work on finishing up our rebar for the midsection support, mixing mortar and concrete, and moving more blocks into the house.
By now we know what to do, are experts (we think!) of mixing the concrete and laying bricks.  Post-lunch we built the scaffolding, & started prepping for rebar installation.  

The children are more comfortable with us, more interested in what we’re doing than playing with each other, and some older kids helped us shovel dirt to fill the home floor with about 2-3″ of dirt.  They are our saviors!!

We ended our day with a cigar manufacturing tour of the largest employer in Esteli, employing over 500 workers in the growing season.  You can’t buy any cigars there as they are for export only, but we’ll have the distributor come by the hotel so we can purchase (sorry no Cubans!).

Another satisfying day, and after 2 days our walls are half built and we are getting stronger as a team.  The continual laughter and hearing everyone talk about their day and the new jobs they learned is so rewarding.  And the fact we haven’t lost anyone yet is fantastic!!! 😃

Buenos noches!! 


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