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Esteli Day 1 build

The first time you drive up to the build site it can be a little intimidating…the families and neighbors are all watching you to see what you’ll be doing; then you start wondering what the heck did I sign up for!!!  We all got dropped off at the 1st house for a quick orientation, then split into our 3 teams to go meet our families and see our build sites.  

Most of the homes have been prepped by having the trench dug, the initial rebar and cement wall foundation poured as well as the 1st level of cinder blocks.  From there we build and build…🛠

With our back supports and gloves on we get to work.  Assembly lines of getting cinder blocks into the house ready for installation, creating the 2nd level rebar support, mixing a whole lot of mortar and cemento and helping the mason lay the blocks.

The morning goes a little slow as everything is new & filled with instruction and Spanish translation, and with the breaks to chat and take pictures 📷 of the local kids 👦🏽 fascinated by us invading their town!! 

At lunch we head to INPRU the local community center, where we are greeted with food and running toilets; hey it’s the small things in life you start to appreciate very quickly!!

After an 1.5 hour lunch break with eating & transportation, it’s back to the job site to build another wall row before we clean up the site and tools before heading home at 4:30.  By now the muscles are getting a little tight, the stink (of us) on the bus smells like a satisfying 1/2 marathon event, and we are still smiling, laughing and chatting up a storm!

The first priority once back at the hotel is to get a hot shower & find some clean clothes.  Within an hour we had the whole team congregate up on the roof top balcony to share our adventures and experiences of the day.  Walking around and chatting with my team members to see how their day went is my highlight; to hear the same excitement from them that I feel every time I come here is what it’s all about.  

It’s so much more than building homes; it’s about making a connection to the community, serving families that we’ll change forever, but more importantly serving ourselves and finding our servants heart.  Like the grinch story goes…everyone’s heart grew a few sizes bigger yesterday! And they were big to start with!! ❤️

I could not have asked for a better team and spirited, hard working and dedicated team.  Can’t wait to double the team next year…you hear that VSP!!

Again pics to come once I have wifi!

Adios and buenas dias!!


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