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Primero dia en Esteli!

Outside of our home dedication day, this is the most special day of the trip. We settled into our habitat orientation at 8am today, where we met up with 2 more teams from the USA. Together we have 71 volunteers here to build 7 homes in 5 days!!  

Led by our hosts Frank and Elisa, we learned about the housing needs in Nicaragua, which are dire.  Being the 2nd poorest country in Central America after Haiti, and with an extremely young population with a weak economic infrastructure, the stats are striking on how many homes need to be built and fixed to upgrade the living conditions to humane.

A few stats that are beyond staggering:

  • 1 of every 4 children die under the age of 5 from preventable diseases
  • 51% of the population is unemployed
  • 609k homes need to be improved for decent living conditions
  • 40% of homes have access to water thru plumbing
  • 25% have a toilet 
  • 30% have concrete walls to protect themselves from the elements 

The families we are serving in Esteli are primarily lead by females, supporting multi generations and working hard to bring in $1-2 per day to support the familia.

Between our 3 teams we raised over $45k for this community, and we will leave behind hopes and dreams, a sense of pride of ownership and the basic right to keep your family safe.

Once I have a stronger connection I’ll share some pics from our tour of Old Managua City and our road trip to Esteli, and our 1st evening terrorizing Hotel Los Arcos!


Esteli City Park

1st dinner in Esteli
Salud! 🍷

Old City Managua



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