Get moving

Just keep moving!

So what to do when you have a 2 hour car appointment…you walk!!! And especially when a buddy has signed you up for a Fitbit weekend warrior challenge…thanks Mike Morgan!

There are so many opportunities in everyday to get our bodies moving, which is what our beautiful and complex bodies are meant to do! Even if your not a runner, the book “Born To Run” is a great story of what we should be doing, which is moving and running.  Society tells us to eat cheeseburgers and relax on the sofa, but that rarely ends well for us! 😷

So find some time everyday to lace up those sneaks (good excuse to buy a new pair!) and get moving!

My 3 mile walk also takes care of my shopping for my party today, so a double bonus!  And no guilt of a couple extra cocktails… 🍷🍸🍷

See you on the streets!!!


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