Get moving

One foot in front of the other

So yesterday when my massage appt got canceled did I go grab a bag of chips & sit on the couch? Sounds tempting actually but nooooo, laced up my sneaks & walked 7.5 miles around midtown! 


Got a haircut, did a little shopping & got some rays (with sunscreen of course! ).  And felt amazing after, both the bod & belly!


For those of us who have desk jobs we spend so much time on our booty, & not doing anything fun with it 😉  Our bodies are meant to be in motion, so whenever you find even 10 minutes to get moving,  do it! Your body & especially your booty will thank you for it.   And you get to treat yourself with a nice shake or juice after to re-hydrate yourself 🙂


This was my reward after my run this morning…
Hopefully you’re moving while reading this…lather up on the sunscreen & get out and enjoy mother nature…she’s pretty damn awesome!

Happy moving!


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