Happy Belly

The belly diaries – part two

In March I finished my 2 month cleanse of eating incredibly clean, losing a good % of body fat and with my stomach feeling better than it ever had, yay!!!  Now what??  I couldn’t sustain this eating lifestyle forever, so once I came off my cleanse I began to introduce starchy veggies, some fruits and processed foods, and immediately began to feel some symptoms again.  My colon therapist suggested I get a food allergy test, to rule out any foods that may be irritating my system.  I got my blood test and waited patiently for a month to get the results.

My results were somewhat comforting, to help me rationalize this was not all in my head (& belly!) but that I do have some sensitivities to food.  The results made me feel like crying: allergic to bananas/plantains (NOOOOOO),
my favorite fruit I’d eat EVERY day, pineapple, broccoli (a kids dream to be allergic to but not mine!), mushrooms, and then the 2 that put the link together…

I had been convinced I was gluten intolerant, as every time I ate bread, too much pasta & many processed foods my stomach would immediately bloat and my brain would feel a little fuzzy, and I’d feel sick/unhealthy for days or weeks.  Well gluten isn’t my enemy, but amaranth and bakers yeast are!

Amaranth is a gluten-free grain used in many GF products.

Baker’s yeast is used in all breads (that rise), baked goods and many processed foods. And my favorite brit food Marmite is mainly yeast… 😦
But it gets worse…beer and wine contain yeast as part of their fermentation process…haven’t quite removed the vino tinto just yet to see how much I can tolerate! A girl’s gotta hold onto something!!!

So now I know there are certain foods I need to avoid to help keep the belly issues at bay.  I’ve tried a couple processed foods that did have yeast listed as a lesser ingredient and I did have some symptoms, so going to try to stay clean of all foods that contain yeast or can carry yeast, including fruit (yes the high sugar content of fruit can promote yeast growth).  The following link is one of many articles I came across that shows just how many foods can contain yeast: yeast sensitivities

So the belly journey continues as I try to find a happy balance between eating good for my belly and enjoying life…


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