Happy Belly

get that gut flora healthy ya’ll

intestinal flora, what the …. is that?  Well over the last couple years I’ve read my share of articles on intestinal flora, probiotics, digestive enzymes, IBS, and so on & so on.
the following is an interesting article my colon therapist shared with me, and I’ll tell ya during my 2 month cleanse I was pretty much following this plan and I did feel close to perfect…the 1st time I don’t actually remember feeling food digesting.  I just ate and moved onto my next activity, not having to worry about digestion, bloat, pain & feeling “slumpy”…yes that’s my word for how I’ve felt for so long! 🙂   And I’ve never had a flatter belly in my life!  Wasn’t my top priority but was a nice side affect!

so if you are struggling with digestion issues and have tried many different diets or plans with no success, it’s worth a read to see if some of the suggestions help.

Warning: it’s a pretty intense article telling you much of our food supply is tainted and bad for our bellies, as well as the environment we live in having impacts to our health.  And it won’t change my vegan/vegetarian diet but definitely lots of food for thought 😉

Your Intestinal Fora -by Lawrence Wilson


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