Happy Belly

The belly diaries – part one

One of the primary reasons I started a blog was to share my health & wellness journey with others, in the hopes it provides guidance and motivation to others to never give up on your quest for ultimate health & happiness.

When I changed to a mostly vegan diet over 7 years ago and amped up my exercise by becoming a running freak, I definitely felt more energized, slimmed down & happy than I had in decades.
Then 2 years ago after an evening of over-indulgence of foods & yes mucho vino I began to have severe stomach pains, bloating, inability to eat even a salad without being doubled over in pain, as well as the lovely “bathroom issues” that go along with digestive unhappiness!
After many months of traditional medicinal advice and limitimg my food choices with no relief I went to see an acupuncturist who helped me through her treatments, and suspected I had h – pylori. After taking a homeopathic pill for h – pylori I felt 99% better, but alas only for a bit.
My PCP sent me to a nutritionalist who recommended I follow the FODMAP
diet for 6-8 wks to avoid all foods that may irritate my system. Again this helped tremendously, but as I began to introduce foods back it was not clear which ones were irritating me. And we’re talking massive painful belly bloating & making those noises you want noone to hear within 15-30 minutes of eating! I then turned to a colon therapist whose treatments helped me feel better, but wasn’t getting to the root of the irritations. She suggested and I reluctantly went on a 2 month intense cleanse this Jan/Feb, which cut out all: sugar (yes no fruit!!), starchy veggies, gluten, alcohol, caffeine…what’s left u ask?? I got my fill of quinoa, steamed veggies, veg juices & smoothies.

TIP #1: I HIGHLY suggest if you ever want to go off caffeine & sugars you don’t go cold turkey…it was a dark week! 🙂
But then I started to feel amazing, my stomach had never felt better, I didn’t hear the constant gurglings & said good bye to all bloating, and although I had lower than normal energy as I really restricted my diet my mind felt clear and I felt at peace and happy.
So 2 years into this healing process I’m feeling the best I have in years, was fine with the additional weight loss, but was worried as I went off the cleanse how my system would react.
Was my journey over? I realized during this cleanse that this will most likely be a life long journey and struggle for me, but continuing to push for answers and solutions to my personal health has provided me much insight that I hope keeps my belly a happy belly, & tips and ideas I can share with others struggling with similar issues.
My new mantra: happy belly, happy life!!!



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