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My 1st blog!

what pressure…they say the 1st time is always the most awkward, but can also be the beginning of something beautiful! 😉

it’s Sunday evening, the end of a beautiful weekend here in sunny Sac.  I’m at the tail-end of my 6 week kitchen remodel (will post before & after pictures when I’m ready to reveal the new space!), so painting was on the agenda today.  I’ve been living studio-apt style during this remodel, with the fridge, microwave and quinoa in the living room, and I now really appreciate all 900 sq. ft of my cozy abode!

every weekend should have some “me time” and some “get your booty moving” time, and I had a nice hybrid of both!  Started weekend with a relaxing 90 minute massage with Joyce, my favorite massage therapist at Massage Envy Midtown, then Cathy, TK & I shopped the afternoon away at Krazy Mary’s, The Pink House and East Sac Mercantile, my favorite East Sac boutiques.  Ended the day with a fab dinner at Cafe Capricho, one of my many vegan/veg dining options in town!  Mr P joined us for the festivities.

Cathy & Mr P
Cathy & Mr P

i try to end each night with some gentle yoga stretches and a hot cup of Natural Calm magnesium, to relax the bod & mind.  Ready to get the week started!

good night and namaste…


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